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Monday, April 26, 2004

Troops Used as Politcal Publicity Pawns Again

One word for it, political opportunism being others. There seems to be a few things that are sacrosanct, one of which is the military. The opposition wouldn't dream of slamming Howard for cynically getting a cheap photo op and taking the agenda on Anzac Day, because our boys and girls are on the front line etc blah. This same nervousness was one of the contributing factors to the Democrats losing the 2000 election. Barrowloads of unendorsed "votes" from overseas servicemen were counted, and surprise, surprise, they were mainly for the Republican party. As soon as the Democrats tried saying, "hang on that vote has no date on it", or "does m mouse really serve on the SS McShip", the Republicans hoo-harred with, "These Democrats want to stop our boys from voting. They're there risking their lives etc" blah blah blah. So come on Rudd or the shadow minister of defence wassisname, bag out Howard for being an evil dickhead, willing to use our soldiers for his own popularity. It could be a long wait.

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