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Monday, July 19, 2004

Affirmative Action My Arse

And so once again, the Australian business community balk at a policy that benefits workers.  This time it's the ALP pledging funds to fight breaches of the equal employment laws.  Surely if there are no breaches, then there is no affirmative action.  If there are breaches then businesses have broken the law.  There is no affirmative action.  As usual Mr Howard is dismissive, but then he is hardly a champion for women in the workforce.   I am frustrated with the lack of dents the opposition is putting on the coalition of the tossers.  The libs have the standard lines of black hole budget, flip flop etc.  Where are the calls from the ALP of never ever.   I would love to see some decent character assasinations of Howard, Abbot and Downer.  Notice I miss out Costello in the list?  Well I don't regard him to be as evil or hopeless.  There, how is that for an unbiased opinion?

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