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Monday, July 26, 2004

Downer Strengthens Relations, Abbot Rolls a Spliff

Only kidding.  I just don't understand how in a country of 20 million, a person with the ineptitude of Downer can be in charge of foreign policy.  So here he is verballing the Philippines, an integral ally in this region.  The language of diplomacy has just crawled up a dead bear's bum while Downer struts around trying to look well 'ard.  The guy is a goose through and through and it says something about the Liberals that he managed to be their leader (we'll gloss over Simon Crean on the other side). Meanwhile Abbot owns up to being a pseudo dope fiend.  A funny image if ever there was one.  Next we will see Howard on a Harley and Costello stage diving at a Rammstein gig.  But can someone stop nicking Downer's packed lunch, he's a growing lad.

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