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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Doddering Daiquiri Dickhead Downer

Downer, oh Downer, why are you such a gold plated twat?  Is the Pacific too stable a place for you at the moment?  Have the big bullies in Beijing been threatening to take away your free trade lunch money again?  It looks like you are pissing people off again. You give people who are picked on at school a bad name, because they usually don't incite it. But you, you puffed up windbag would have deserved every kick in your privileged arse got. Who is next in the region for a tongue lashing? Give Indonesia a bollocking, they've just been sitting there haven't they? How about New fucking Zealand? Lets start a war with the funny speaking bastards, that'll teach them to vote labor. Howard, can you put Alex in his room for a while, he's been very naughty.

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