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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Game On

In the manner befitting the now holds barred approach to coverage during the election campaign, that lying little git has called the election for 9th October.  And as usual, it is a scare campaign from the forces of fear.  Namely, you will lose your home if Labor get in.  Interest rates being low are purely a result of coalition policy and have bugger all to do with international economics.  Why doesn't he go the whole hog and claim kudos for 1% in the US and 4% in the UK?  Unfortunately, Latham's rebuttal (they were both on AM this morning) wasn't as brutal.  The journo interviewing Howard didn't put the boot into his bollocks either.  So here's to popping the cork in six weeks time to celebrate another victory by that divisive twerp.  On the bright side, Aus Idol was a bag of cack.  Can we have a simultaneous final and election result at the opera house?


Did anyone notice the signs of sweat on Howards top lip when he announced the election?  Did anyone hear him on AM this morning.  Perhaps he is getting a bit frayed, perhaps not.  The ALP still need a killer blow on this dude as the journos don't seem to be doing their job.  How about the ALP just make up a load of bollocks and just repeat it in answer to any question going.  "The Liberals fuck furniture" would be a good start.  The language of what the libs say really can betray their philosophy at times.  When did Medicare (the universal public health system) become merely the  "Medicare Safety-Net"?  How is this different to a two tier health system? 

All we are going to hear is "Labor fuck interest rates" for the next six weeks, and it will be enough to sway the fuck-knuckle "I just make my mind up when I vote coz I don't really follow politics" tosser jism jugglers that decide our fate every fucking time.  And then you have wankers like that plumber who did the "Your Shout" spiel on Insiders on Saturday.  What a drop kick fucktard.  "I don't think Howard would lie because he seems like a nice bloke".  Stick to getting the shit out of drains arsehole.

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