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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Howard caught bullshitting again

I am disheartened by this whole affair. Not by the fact that Howard apparently lied to the public before the last election. Not by his methods of dividing the populus and taking the larger share.  Not by taking us to war under false pretences. But by the fact that I don't think people care anymore about this. I think that the people who voted for Howard on the back of the Tampa want to believe that refugees are willing to sacfrifice their children. Whether Howard lied or not is irrelevant to them. People don't care whether there are weapons of mass destruction or not, or whether we blindly followed the US despite Howard lying when he said that the decision has not been made and that a full parliamentary debate will be held before commiting support. People don't care about the free trade agreement being dodgy. People don't care that Howards policies have systematically reduced women's place in employment. Or that education and health now come at a price. Or that Howard chose the most divisive Governor-General in recent times. Or that he is busily resurrecting the career of Bill Heffernan. So issues involving blacks, muslims, poofs, the bludging poor, wimmin or any other "uncomfortable" section of the community, or any lies told to reinforce the cultural message of Howard carry no punches with voters. What the hell has happened to my country? We are going to get another three years of damage from this man and no one will give a shit.

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