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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Abbott Shafts Himself - Confirms position as "Pork King"

Well whatdya know?  Abbott has claimed a coup in opening a new batch of Medicare offices.

"It's the first significant expansion of Medicare offices in more than 10 years," said Abbott.

Well without splitting hairs mate, who has been in power for 8 of those 10 years?  So what he is saying is "we having done bugger all since we came into government".  I couldn't have put it better myself.  Now I wonder if the new offices would happen to be in marginal seats.  I'll have a look at that and get back to you.


OK, here are the new offices and the state of the electorates.  Marginals are in bold:

Leichhardt        Labor 21.3%
Tuggerah         Liberal 0.4%
Cranbourne     Labor  7.9%
Elanorah          Liberal 12.2%
Maroochydore Liberal 9.2%
Joondalup       Liberal 6.0%
Gungahlin        Labour 12.7%
Palmerstone   Country Liberal 0.1%

So only two real marginals there.  But two on the slimmest of margins.  In fact on closer inspection 2 of the top 3 slimmest held seats have magically got a new Medicare offices!  Why did Canning, WA miss out?  I'll watch out for a mysterious new fountain of wealth to appear in Armadale to make up for missing out in the next few weeks. 

Update Again

Lets now look at the electorates positively affected by the higher rebates to bulk billing GPs as released on 16th August.  I need to locate the electorates for a few of theses areas, so help would be appreciated.

Australian Capital Territory         Both Safe Labor Seats
Beaudesert Shire Part A, QLD*        Liberal 7.0%
Darwin City, NT*                     Liberal 0.1% 
East Metropolitan (Perth), WA*       Labor 1.8%
Eastern Outer Melbourne, VIC*        Labor 5.3%
Frankston City, VIC*                 Liberal 5.2%
Gosford-Wyong, NSW*
                  Liberal 7.0%/Liberal 0.4%
Greater Geelong City Part A, VIC*    Labor 8.5%
Greater Townsville                   Liberal 1.5%
Ipswich City, QLD*                   Liberal 6.6%
Litchfield Shire, NT*                Either CLP 0.1% or ALP 5.3%
Melton-Wyndam, VIC*                  Labor 12.1% -
Julia Gillard's seat!
Mornington Peninsula Shire, VIC*     Liberal 5.2%
Newcastle, NSW*                      Labor 6.9%
Palmerston-East Arm, NT*             Liberal 0.1% 
Pine Rivers Shire, QLD*              Liberal 6.0%
Queanbeyan, NSW*                     Liberal 1.7%
Southern Adelaide, SA*
               Liberal 7.4%/Liberal 1.0%
South Eastern Outer Melbourne, VIC*  Liberal 8.4%
South West Metropolitan (Perth), WA* Labor 2.0%
Yarra Ranges Shire Part A, VIC*      Liberal 7.2%/Liberal 3.7%

So topping the charts of  "incentives" from Tony Abbott are Palmerston-Darwin (Solomon) and Dobell.  I think I might vote Liberal this election and try and return my seat to marginal status.  That way my vote will directly benefit me and bugger everyone else.  Hang on, that's the attitude of most Liberal voters.  So far The Daily Flute is proud to award the Mad Monk with the title "Pork King 2004".  Come on Brendan Nelson, show us your cash.

Australian Capital Territory Help

Both very safe Labor seats, Fraser and Canberra

Litchfield Shire, NT* Help

Either Solomon or Lingari

Pine Rivers Shire, QLD* Help

That is in the Liberal seat of Dickson

Yarra Ranges Shire Part A, VIC* Help

Casey and Latrobe

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