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Sunday, September 12, 2004

All in the Stars

Hi statsfans, I'm the ABC's numbers man Anthony Green.  I can safely predict a Howard government will be returned on  October 9th.  Including Howard, there have been an astronomical 4 Leo prime ministers.  On Latham's side there have been only 2 Pisces leaders.  Therefore John Howard has double the chance of winning.  If you want to make 100% certain that your child will be the head honcho one day, then try to conceive at the end of the year as a fantastic 5 prime ministers have been Virgos.  Given that there have been only 25 leaders since federation, Virgos have had too much representation to be mere luck.  It can be proved statistically that the probability of this happening by luck is less than .005 which in the wacky world of statistics means its a fact.  Kim Beazley was a Sagittarius and that's why he lost.  Although there have been 4 Saggy PMs (the same as Leos), in the world of astrology, like top trumps, a draw is no good, you need to win.  It is worth noting that there have been no Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio PMs and only one Gemini (Macolm Fraser who has done much since losing office to prove that Geminis are two faced schizos).  So if you feel like voting for Latham, stay at home, pay the fine, and save yourself the effort, as the heavens, and statistics, are overwhelmingly against him.  Now Stats Amazing!

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