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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Blogging - How it has moved on

Just a personal little note here.  Back in 1996 I did a page, not really a blog, on how Amanda Vanstone avoided questions in Parliament (The Amanda Vanstone Avoid-a-Question Time Page).  I had to move the site around a bit until I put it in the graveyard (where it has lain for nearly 8 years RIP).  Printouts of the site were handed around the Senate, I was interviewed on ABC radio, and there was a write up on it in the SMH.  I like to think I can take a small credit for her losing her position as Minister for EETA.  But despite its at the time notoriety, I haven't had the number of hits or kind feedback that I have had with my current blog.  So thank you to any linkers and emailers for your support.  It is nice to know that even in the company of blogs that are far better written and more dedicated than this one, people still have time to say hello.

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