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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Brown or Howard, Latham wedgied

There are rumours afoot that the coalition are about to release a child care voucher system as used in the UK (source SMH headline can't find the link).  This is a cracker of an idea in that in effect child care becomes tax deductible.  Its just a shame that it comes from the mouth of Beelzebub rather than ALP's knight in shining armour.  Balance against this the planks of Bob Brown's policy (maybe he can be forgiven the koala incident), which are as follows:

Abolish HECS

Federal funding to private schools provided they do not expel "difficult" children

Raise corporate taxes to 33%

Spend the money on healthcare

Put reconciliation back on the agenda

The thing that draws me to the greens at times is that they stick to their principles no matter what.  They have bugger all power, no chance of getting more seats in the House of Reps but they don't sell out.  Whether you agree with their principles is another matter, but the ALP turmoil that Tampa caused stuffed them in 2001 and ever since.  I don't believe for a second that they would have won if they would have spoken out against the government, but they would not have lost sight of their diminishing core value of equality.  Now all I see is a desperation to get into government, so desperate that they no longer believe that a differing ideological standpoint to the Liberals can win.  Everyone is now talking the language of deficits and interest rates.  Extreme capitalism and small government has somehow won.  SCTTW points out some issues that seem to have disappeared in this campaign, but the ALP seem to be playing a bit of a small target campaign.

If a government has only economic and not social policies then what the hell are we paying them for?  The sodding stock market can do that.

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