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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bugger off Brown - Abbott

In a shock horror move the Mad Monk has said he would not deal with the greens in a hung parliament.  I reckon that's going to lose Abbott a few votes in his crack hitting rock and roll electorate of Warringah.  We will wait and see, but a hung parliament usually does make strange bedfellows.  Faced with power or opposition most MPs go for the minor parties quicker than a dickhead running towards a closing door on a train (like its the last train and there won't be another one at Wynyard for 3 minutes).  Britain saw the ill fated Lib-Lab pact and Italy has seen a veritable orgy of seat swapping over the years.

With the estimated slush fund of $5bn dollars (startling picture of Dr Bunsen there by the way) due to be delivered by treasury tomorrow we can expect to see trinkets and baubles galore.  Surely that amount of "free" money sloshing around in peoples pockets would not be good for the economy and would force interest rates up (unlike budget balances, there is a link between growth and rates).  Howard was as desperate as buggery to force home the interest rate message yesterday (Brissenden's report should appear here soon).  Meanwhile Latham actually started looking like a leader with a solid performance.  He nicely bagged the Costello "how come there's no $600 in the weekly tables" by showing that the governments own weekly tables do not include the Harvey Norman vouchers.  But at the end of the day, how many people will look at these tables?  They are not ususally for the faint hearted and so thankfully the Daily Telegraph ran a nice goose piece under the banner of  "$92 per family".  This is one of those tabloids that limits economic anaysis to a great big picture of a beer and a packet of smokes with an arrow "Up 10c" next to it, so it was nice to see them venture into new territory.  However I saw over the shoulder (of the dickhead that kamikazed into the train this morning) that good old Piers Akerman has done a piece on "Shaming the Sons of Islam".  I stopped there but I could guess that the headline should have been "Muslims have Terror Gene".  While I'm on the subject the biggest "war on terror" I endured was during the troubles in Northern Ireland where mad bunches of Catholics and Protestants would maim and slaughter willy nilly.  Not a Mohamed in sight. 

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