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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

But he didn't come in on a boat?

The Mummy (Ruddock) has announced that the mastermind behind the Sept 11 attacks was given a tourist visa shortly before the attacks.  This is the same man who tried to imply that asylum seekers could pose a potential terrorist threat.  But would a terrorist seriously risk all by coming in on a leaky fishing boat?  No, they get visas and come in via an airport.  I am not trying to blame the intelligence agencies or Ruddocks department for this slip up, but this issue does highlight the governments immoral use of the media before the last election.  There is no story in a refugee arriving at Sydney Airport, as far more do than by boat.  Therefore you cannot bundle that sort of person up and tag them with the label "terrorist".   A small boat full of desparate dark skinned people, now that's a picture!  Add a generous helping of "security risk", "sacrificing children" and now we have our story.  Tell that to the electorate and scare the shit out of them. Tow a few boats back to show we are making Australia safer.  Reduce the migration zone to a white picket fence in Wollstonecraft.  There we are, even safer.  Vote for us, we keep you safe!  We Win!  Meanwhile one of the most wanted men in the world can stroll in through Kingsford-Smith and won't be stopped provided he doesn't buy too many duty free ciggies.

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