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Monday, September 27, 2004

Campari Quaffing Kelly,

I am travelling for a couple of weeks, so these next few topics will probably have been done to death by other blogs, my apologies if I am duplicating.

Education Stuff Up!
A National Party backbencher (Kay Hull) stuck her head right into a bucket of poo by saying that rich people should pay for government education.
"Why shouldn't they pay fees at government schools? If government schools want to put fees into place, and then they want to resource facilities over and above public funding, then they should be allowed to do so."
She then changed her tune after a bollocking: "I've been totally misrepresented. I do not support fees for… parents paying fees for public school students." How is her original statement taken out of context? It seems pretty cut and dried to me. Perhaps she was talking about a parallel universe or something. Taken out of context usually means:
a) "I fucked up, and have had a right bollocking"
b) "I said what I really think, but now my thoughts have been corrected"
c) "Don't tell the punters the real game"

Then Campari Quaffing Kelly (DeAnne) topped it by suggesting a voucher system for parents to choose where their share of funding goes. Again, Kelly used the "I fucked up, and have had a right bollocking" "I've been taken out of context" line.

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