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Monday, September 06, 2004

Cash Galore for ALL

News is just breaking of the ALPs tax policy release.  So far I can see a misrepresentation in the media as bloody usual.  They are saying that families under $52k are going to get an additional $8 a week.  This is only half true.  Unless they have rejigged the middle brackets it means that all earners are going to get that amount.  This in combination with the top bracket going from $80 - $85k means that yet again the people at the top end of town will get the most relief.  Granted, it is better than Howards bugger the poor cuts in the last budget, but not good enough.

There are also changes to the family tax benefit thingo which may be good.....

The splurges are generally good, childcare and training for people without work (very good idea), mucking around with super tax - not too bad, but what is this arse "pool part of their incomes and pay less tax, delivering benefits of up to $20 a week per family" stuff?  I suppose it balances out the means testing for the FTB but the idea of income pooling does not sit right with me as it tends to get wimmin out of the workplace.  I guess the "masculinity crisis" in schools doesn't stretch to the workplace, where it's back to nudie calendars (not like this one) and lunch at the "Gentlemens Rub" for some exotic entertainment.

The revenue raising is good, money on fags and visa applications go up for companies.  All in all, not a bad pitch, it should get some votes back, but there is a treasury surplus report looming on Friday and methinks the Liberals will give $8.25 back to all earners.

If you want a copy of Labor's tax policy documents, email me.
Paul, I've commented on this and the other post several times, but nothing happens, so I've died of commenting exhaustion.


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