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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dealing With the Devil

Thanks to Brian at unbelief.org who pointed out some details of the deal the FFP have done with Howard to give the coalition (apart from the odd poofter lover) its preferences. The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) September Newsletter has an election special, which contains the following:
...should realise that this new party has obtained very significant commitments from the Coalition in exchange for its preferences, because it made them earn them. Perhaps central to this is the requirement for all legislation to have a Family Impact Statement. This will ensure that our laws are family friendly and we might assume therefore, largely Christian, although of course there is no guarantee of that in every case.
Family impact statement on all legislation? I can see a few "No Impact" rubber stamps being bought in Canberra. This deal has given Howard an excuse to be even more intolerant and extreme in his next term. Also there is a nice "how to vote" summary:
In all other states we believe that Christians are safe voting for either Family First or CDP, as their theology and/or personal preference for how they should engage the political domain dictate. Even where Family First has preferenced Democrats in Qld, they are very unlikely to have to pass on the preferences, as they should out poll them. If in the lower house your preference is to vote for a major party, we strongly recommend that you still record a “1” for either CDP or Family First to indicate the strength of the Christian / Family Values vote. You can then apply the rest of your preferences personally, dependent of the values of the parties or candidates as you see it.
If you need any more proof that this party is sinister, read Piers Akerman.

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