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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I'm a bit tired, and bored of the FFP. But Robert Corr of Kick and Scream brought this article to my attention, so I'll do a post and incur the wrath of yet more bloody loonies. The main points to note are that despite the so called "morals" of this party, they are giving preferences to Ross Cameron in Parramatta. This moral campaigner had an affair while his wife was preganant for fuck sake. How much more of a shitty thing can you do? His kind of behaviour is what brought about the downfall of the Major Government in the UK in 1997. They had a big "Back to Basics" campaign about how you should live your lives, meanwhile they were off knobbing left right and centre. But somehow Cameron's totally base behaviour ranks above people who support gay marriage. Shagging a bit of fluff while your wife is pregnant with your child while crapping on about family values is just a whole different moral ball game to me. Also there are a couple of barnpots in the FFP (read the article) that reckon the world was made in six days because "thats what the bible says". The bible also says, "For the wife does not rule over her own body, but the husband does...". So maybe you didn't sin after all Mr Cameron.

Don't worry, they're preferencing Draper for Makin (home of Paradise AOG) so expect her to keep that seat.

Alan has some interesting thoughts too.

(oops sorry if I posted this twice...the Blogger commenting system drives me nuts)

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