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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Gig Review: The Teddy Bears Picnic

This is the closest I get to a good mosh these days.   I have only a couple of points on this day of fundraising for the Westmead Childrens Hospital.  If you and your eastern suburbs drama school mates decide that children are a good market (I could almost see the dollar sign stamped on my daughter's head) then think again.  It is never a good idea when your audience have an average height of 3 foot to finish your set with "come on mums and dads, get up and dance at the front".  It may make you feel like you really are a star performer at the Big Day Out but it swamps out the kiddies.  The grown ups just stay at the front for the next few hours and so begins the bogan arms race of who can stand higher with a kid on their shoulders, and who can they barge out of the way.  So "Star Girls" next time you want an ego boost, think of how many kids you are pissing off because they can no longer see your fancy moves.  Or if they can see, they can't dance becuse they are being hoisted so high their noses bleed. 

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