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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Google places for the rich and dumb

Well its only fair isn't it?  If bleeding foreigners can pay to go to uni why can't we?  Because my friends, we pay taxes, therefore our places are already paid for and should be awarded on merit.  If rich dumb people want to go to uni let them pay for a degree outside Australia, and not devalue our domestic education system.  I am expecting nothing less from the ALP's education policy than the abolition of full fee paying places for Australians.  Abolishing HECS would be a great next step.  Brendan Nelson of course disagrees.  He believes that there should be loans for people to pay for full fee places.  If you want to be a doctor, bear in mind that if and when you qualify (and you will if you're paying) you will have to charge people an awful lot of money to be able to pay your $120k plus loan back.  If you use a doctor, prepare for dumber practitioners, lower bulk billing rates and higher fees in the future.  Nelson summed it up as such:

"I've been thinking about it for some months now, Barrie. I've spoken to the vice-chancellors about it and they strongly believe that the level of the $50,000 loan for these extra full-fee-paying opportunities ought to be raised for that very small number of courses which have those sort of costs above $50,000. And what this basically means, Barrie, is that for the first time in Australia, whether you are rich or poor, if you work your tail off and you get a very high tertiary entrance score, you miss out on a HECS-funded place which you've got your heart set on doing - if you want to you'll have the choice of taking up the fee-paying opportunity and the Australian Government will lend you the money to do it on a HECS-style basis."

So please, if you miss out on the entrance score (by a whisker or you didn't turn up because you couldn't tell the little hand from the big hand) try again and if you miss out and you get your newly devalued dumbfuck donewiththeaidofgoogle medical degree because unis are too shit scared to fail full fee paying students, display a sign saying, "Dr Fuckwit, Bachelor of Medicine (Second Class)".  In fact that's not a bad idea, a two tier system!  People who get their degree through brains and hard work get a first class degree, rich dumb chinless wonders get a Second Class (sponsored by Sorbent) one.

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