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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hicks, concern, whatever - Ruddock

Not only has Ruddock,s circulation dried up, but he must have one of the slowest nervous systems going.  Apparently news has just reached his cerebellum that David Hicks may not be getting a fair trial.  I think I'll stamp on his foot and watch him yelp in 2007.  Even that superpower Denmark managed to get their citizens out of the clink, so where were Downer and Ruddock?  The yanks told Downer that Hicks was caught smoking around the back of the school gym, and pulled nasty faces at sir, so there could be no sympathy there.  Ruddock only surfaces for quick soundbites between embalming sessions.  All in all Australia did the best job they could under the circumstances.  Well done boys!

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