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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Howard Tells The Truth!

This morning on AM, John Howard said we would not sue over the battle of the statutory declarations because he does not in politicians issuing writs.  I actually believe him on this one.  In a adversarial system of politics one or both parties end up telling porkies so the idea of clogging up courts with opinion cases is not on.  However did he pass his thoughts on this principle to Peter Costello when he decided to sue (and won a hefty amount) Bob Ellis?  Comrade Bob came out with a claim that there was a strange bird bloke political party swapping affair while Abbott and Costello were at uni.  It was pretty tame stuff and no one paid it much attention until Costello sued.  One of the grounds to the rather large payout, and Bob's book "Goodbye, Jerusalem" being pulped was the damage to Peter Costello's reputation.  He is the bloody treasurer, number two power broker in the country.  How did this hamper his career?  Is the Ellis claim the basis for which Howard did not quit midterm?  The Costellos got damages of $164,000 and the Abbotts, $113,500.  Bob explains his feelings rather well in "Goodbye, Babylon".

Just a shame Howard didn't pass on his non-suing wisdom, but then I suppose that was a matter of conscience and since Abbott and Costello have none it wouldn't of mattered.

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