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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Howard Twitches, Latham stares into space

It was a clear victory for Latham in the great debate last night.  Howard sounded like he'd been punched in the stomach, so short of breath and tremulous he was in his opening statement.  However, he did look at the camera and confront us face on.  Latham looked at Laurie Oakes the whole time and appeared more like that bloke on the Ultratune advert (the car dealers hate us) than PM material.  All in all is was a sound thrashing although Latham didn't go the biff as much as I would have liked.  Particularly when Howard was praising his team of Costello and DOWNER?  In his whole cabinet he singled out that drop kick?  I think the worm puked at that point.  Still the timing of this debate was good for the ALP, breaking the "respect" in the aftermath of the bombing, although the worm seemed to prefer Latham's speil on security than Howards anyway.

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