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Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm not paying for Sophie's bloody haircut

That strange beastie Indi Sophie has come out with a cracker  (via VM).  This is the true user pays philosophy of the Liberals.  I often wonder if some people at the ABC have got a large collection of Sophie-falling-over out-takes as she walks infront of all things Stralian on her regular Insider adjournment debates.  Again it's the old Medicare saftey-net being touted, this time comparing a haircut to being fixed up when one is crook.  Whereas most people have some kind of inkling that kind of maybe they don't mind their taxes going to healthcare for all, I don't think that Federally funded hairdressing (a hair-net?) would cut the mustard.  This has to be her most outstanding blunder since her comments on Insiders in debate with Pru Goward, which I won't quote here, but it's well worth a read as Pru nearly lost her rag with the waffle that Soph was coming out with.

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