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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Jakarta Bombing

Its a tragedy, that's a given.  How long will it be before Howard makes hay out of it?  Perhaps he will send one of his demidemons in such as Philip "The Mummy" Ruddock.  He probably won't go in as hard as Cheney's, "Vote for us or die", line - but the unsaid conclusion will be there.  As Rob Sich mentioned last night on The Panel, you approximate two sentences and let people draw the link.  For example "We are in a war against terror" and "We must protect our borders" is a ripper.  In that black art there is no better conjurer than Ruddock.

A couple of blogs share my pessimism including Completely Biased, Psephite

Before any clear details or evidence is clear, Downer says:

"Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has told reporters the blast was "clearly a terrorist attack". He added: "It was outside the Australian embassy, you would have to conclude that it was directed towards Australia."

Downer says he suspects Jemaah Islamiah was responsible for the blast. (via The Poll Vault)

And so Tampa II has begun.

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