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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Just Keep Keelty

An interview on AM did more to show that as far as national security in this region is concerned, the election is irrelevant.  Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty has yet again shown himself to be a man which Australia can trust.  There were no swathing attacks or point scoring, rather a considered approach from an expert in his field.  His operations with forces in the Asian region have been second to none, and he manages to acheive much whilst not using the crusading language of the politicians.  From them we have, "evil doeers", from Keelty we have:

"I mean, there are people who would adopt or adapt the philosophies of something like Jemaah Islamiah and you don't necessarily know about them. It's not as if you're a card carrying member of JI. It's more of a philosophy and an embracement of that philosophy."

Don't think that this means Keelty is soft on terrorists, rather that he understands probably more than anyone we can vote for the motivations and modus operandii of the people who perpetrate such atrocities. When questioned on the likelihood of another attack, Keelty quite calmly said:

"Well, unfortunately it is whilst ever Azahari and Noordin Bin Top are still at large."

No fuss, no votes, just a man doing his job.

Yeah, this guy has been pretty impressive in the past few days. In yesterday's SMHerald he made the point that terrorist groups are viewed with ambiguity by Indonesians because fear and hatred of their methods is offset by the belief that their cause is sometimes just. It's an obvious point, but one that's been almost shut out of mainstream discourse.

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