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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Labor Salivates at Prospect of Not Winning

John Anderson, the man with no beginning to his talent is at it again.  This time its:

""Mr Garrett's salivating at the thought perhaps that Mr Brown will join them in the senate,"

I'm sure that is all the talk in the ALP party room at the moment.  "Now Latham, don't try and govern in your own right, drop a bollock here or there and let the Greens get in".

After all it would be unAustralian for a big party to form a coalition with a tiny party just so that they could win government wouldn't it?  And even if that did happen, surely the smaller party wouldn't get a disproportionate amount of ministerial posts, let alone the plum Deputy Prime Minister gig.  But even then, surely the small party would stick to its principles and not sell out to the major party, and not lose a swag of seats to independants in the fall out?

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