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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Latest drivel

Latham has just announced that he will guarantee low interest rates and has signed a large piece of cardboard to the effect.  This is just the sort of bollocks that we don't need.  Sure it might win back the apathetic masses who believe Howard's shite about interest rates, but it is an impossible guarantee for anyone to make and it pisses me off.  So much for even attempting to educate people on economic issues, no just sign a bit of card with crap written on it, bend over the bonnet of a car, drop your dacks and shout "Come on in Sailor!".  At least the dark side are treating it semi seriously by saying "look at my record blah blah".

Elsewhere in a surprise move Dick Cheney says he's pleased with George Bush.  Now I'm not a big one on tenuous conspiracy theories but those folks in the US of A are looking real scary.  To draw the connection Cheney -> Halliburton -> Large contracts in Iraq for Halliburton is not some mysterious water diving exercise, but no twat seems to run with it.  Sure, you and I know about it, but we are commited Bush and Howard dislikers anyway.  But you have to assume that beyond all comprehension there are "normal*" people who vote for the neo-cons in US that accept the repeated, and not too oblique, self interest demonstrated by the Bush administration.  They must exist, these people, but as with Howard supporters, I have yet to find a "normal*" one.

*denotes a person kind of like me, but can argue the case for evil in a rational way.


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