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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Latham plays it safe kicks arse

I know this guy is capable of much more than this, but I suppose you have to get into office first. So the ho-hum big ALP policies are:
Give old people money.
In fact I can't be arsed spending my time going through the policies in detail. It's all bungs for pensioners and they are pretty piss poor. No social program, no vision.

Update: I am now watching his speech and I stand corrected. I fell foul of reading the spending headlines and relying on the media, but the substance of his speech is cracking stuff. At last he is starting to show the Mark Latham that I know from personal experience. A clear ideological difference. Howard is gone. ALP by 18 seats.

Cracking policies include (but not limited to)
  • Abolishing full fee paying uni places
  • Reversing the HECS increases
  • Ratifying Kyoto
  • Extra 1.8 billion for public schools
  • Restoring funding to the ABC


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