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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mad as hell

I shouldn't read fridaysixpm because now and then Beth points out an article that makes my bloody blood boil. This time its JANET ALBRECHTSEN with a shite article about feminism. Lets get this straight, women have far less choice than men in the workplace, they are discriminated against, and are at the arse end of the labour market. Compare the hysteria over the "masculinity crisis" caused by too many women teachers, with the absolute lack of any coverage over the fact that less than 2% of company directors in Australia are female, to get an idea of how absolutely dominant male thinking is in this country.

You would be hard pressed to find two articles in a row where Albrechtsen doesn't bash feminism.
I know, but how the hell do dimshits like this get journo jobs? Was the job advert:
"Wanted: Woman with testicles, not adverse to porno calendars in the workplace, and can't rite four shit"

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