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Sunday, September 05, 2004

No Pulse but Lives - Ruddock Defies Science!

Even without the benefit of hindsight, one can only assume that the last drop of blood must have vanished from Philip Ruddock's circulation.  This past and present master of "the unsaid conclusion" dropped to new lows last week.  No, he did not specifically say, "Vote ALP and you'll get a Beslan in Australia", but that was the fear, the unsaid conclusion that he wanted people to reach.  When I started to write this blogitem, I intended to praise Howard and Latham for their statements after the full horror of what occurred came to light.  Whereas Bush was all too keen to use this as another weapon in his campaign arsenal, Howard and Latham did not.  However Howard should not have backed Ruddock up last week, but he did.  He said, "It is quite legitimate in the debate that is going on in the lead-up to the election to argue that the credentials in this government are superior to those of the Labor Party in dealing with security issues and in the war against international terrorism,"(full story here).  Is it foreseeable that Australian politics can sink as low as the sham in the US?  Bush used Beslan to hype up the fear of terror not one week after the disgraceful parading of "September 11" during the Republican convention in the US.  It must ease the pain for the victims to see that their loss was not in vain, no, it may have just become an election winning slogan.

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