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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Now with added swing!

Thanks to the ALP arse component of income splitting, I have now become what I despise - a swinging voter.  Actually its a bit like moving from brief to boxers.  So now in order to give you, the reader, an indication of how I'm thinking vote wise at the top of the screen you will see the easy to read colour coded Votometer.  "Brandy" the lying rodent will park its backside under the political celebrity that I feel the most empathy with.  It goes from Sophie P (black - evil brrrr) to Bob (green - a bit loopy but good).  So come on pollies, grab my vote!

Update: I have now added the sinister Family First party to the right of even Sophie P.

What's Brandy doing all the way over there? Was he directed thusly or just seeking his own kind? :)

Also, who's the guy between Brown and Latham on the scale? I've been wracking my brain, but I'm drawing a blank.

I've given Brandy a slap and he's back on course. The mystery guy is Anthony Albanese, member for Grayndler the safest labor seat and leftie. I would vote for him in a shot, unfortunately my member is ALP's John Murphy (who?).
Lol.. thought it might have been a ruse to see if anyone was watching :)

and - dumb question - shouldn't Soph be on the right and Brown on the left?

Quite right, fixed. So are you going to give me a tip for the election result?
Election tip.. hmm. I'd have to go on form and say (at this point) a narrow coalition win. Say 3 seats. Mind you, everyone wants to be the underdog, don't they??

I hope to revise that as more info makes itself available.


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