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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Polling - A load of Arse

The only valid question in a poll is, "If there is a general election today, who would you vote for?".  What is the point of these approval and trust ratings?  We always get these crappy "John Howards approval rating is at 65%" and then "But the Libs primary vote is at 39%" type bollocky stories.  Ooh, only 30% of people approve of Mark Latham, but 43% would vote ALP.  Don't the telesurveyors ever say, "Hang on a mo dickhead, you just said you think Howard is doing a better job than Latham but you'll vote ALP.  Are you pulling my twang?".  Numbers in the boxes mate, numbers in the boxes.  That's all that counts.

Exactly ... and the questions are aleways so loaded !

Like (a) who looks better in a double breasted suit ?

or (b) which leader cares more for the downtrodden workers ?

or (c) is Senator Brown green, red, yellow or blue (the answer of course is yes).
Labor by 19.

...or a landslide loss.

Remeber Mackerras law: if you think it will be close it won't be, and who everyone thinks will win, usually doesn't

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