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Monday, September 20, 2004

Postings, Pre-emption and Redemption

A good little stoush occurred on AM this morning. It appears that as soon as Howard announced his pre-emptive strike policy (can you really see Australia invading Indonesia?) Daquiri Dickhead Downer told the Indonesian foreign minister that it was just for internal debate and not really a policy. Now that Howard has reaffirmed this ludicrous position will he be sending Prefect Downer with a carrier pigeon to Bam Bam with the message, "Only Joking!". How can this government seriously give countenance to pre-emption? Has the top notch intelligence that gave us the WMD info suddenly got a whole lot better? "I want to stress to the Australian people that my information at the time was correct, the street pedlar's stall had a sign on it that from a distance of 1500m with some "Eye-Spy" plastic binoculars looked like "Napalm". So we shot him. It now appears that subsequent advice shows that the sign in fact said "Nasi Goreng", but I can only follow the advice I am given. I am not responsible....I am not responsible....I a mm nnooootttt.....daisy, daisy" In other news independent Phil Black was offered a safe Nationals seat provided he did not stand against them for a seat in Queensland. On the same tack, Howard has denied knowledge of Tony Windsor being offered an overseas jolly. So we have two criminal offences being possibly committed. Somehow I think that these issues will blow over but the stink is overpowering. Todays poll of a 52.5% to 47.5% lead to the ALP back up my feeling that this election will not even be close. It will be a landslide to the ALP and we will see little Johnny Howard weep as he concedes on 9th October.

Elsewhere: A nice bit of expose on letters in the SMH by Robert Corr, Chris Sheil is as usual upbeat about the death of Howard, Tim Dunlop dissects the coalition pre emptive strike policy, Completely Biased covers all sorts of stuff, including my Chardonnay mate Piers "Most reasonable Australians think (insert bollocks here)" Ackerman. Also people are waking up the very scary Family First party. The Poll Vault asks "Who is Family First?". Answer: "White Married Mad as fuck brainwashed unthinking Christian Couples a la the Flanders with kids First (provided a suitable "offering" comes out of their wallet, or preferably by direct debit); single parents, non-believers, poofs (especially Beelzebub Brown), that agnostic bastard Latham, anyone who has had an abortion, people who have a beer on a Sunday, and everyone else who doesn't read Leviticus and think its supposed to be taken literally, Last".

Update: DineshMathew makes a bloody good point on the Family First party. Where is their funding coming from? If, as we suspect, the majority of the funding is coming from the fundamentalist christian movement, then is it appropriate for a church (and all its tax breaks) to fund a political party?

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