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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Pressure is On

Christ on a bike, I see that The Daily Flute has now got a link from uberelectionblog The Poll Vault.  As if this work-life-blog balance wasn't hard enough already, now I have to write something worthy.  Well how about the ABC then.  er.. Give them more money I reckon er..coz aha.. If we give them more money, we won't have to watch "Mother and Son" repeats anymore.  And if you're in Sydney, listen to 702AM.  Mike (not the pony haired ponce on Channel 10) Bailey, what a weather man ay?
If you would like an equally stunning wrap of your broadcasting or publishing empire, please link to The Daily Flute.

Well. We have movd up in the world haven't we, Mr La-di-da Poll Vault Man. I don't know if I can be friends with you any more.

Not that I'm jealous.

And yes, you should listen to 702, except for Grandstand, when it's OK to switch to 630. And 11:00 thursdays for Dr Karl on JJJ.

I will deign to reply to one so beneath my lofty 'eights.
Grandstand cracks me up though. I remember one Mothers day when all of those blokey knobs (I don't know their names, my car is just permanently on 702) were seriously saying how great it was that one of them "did my bit for Mothers Day, I helped an old lady get her heavy hand luggage down on the plane". Like the rest of the year it would have been "up yours grandma".

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