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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Roundup: Numbers, quitters and tools

John Anderson has said vote National or he'll quit. I couldn't think of a better incentive to vote independent. Maybe he is really saying, vote National or you'll end up with that Larry Anthony tit in charge. Completely Biased suggests the new verb "Ando" to mean dropping yourself in the poop. Meanwhile on the innovative policy front, Howard has announced a real boon for apprentices. SCTTW suggests that this policy proves that Howard is a tool. Kick and Scream has an excellent easy to read guide to the governments "Medicare super plus pro safety net 2" distribution (and also a funny on how not to keep a marginal seat). As I said earlier the safety net benefits the wealthy by a long chalk.

Costello is also attempting to go on the ramnpage about a $700 million black hole in the ALP tax policy. He keeps on saying they should get their policy costed by treasury. After all they only fucked up their budget prediction by $3 billion (or $13 billion over four years), plus a GST windfall that no one saw coming, so a tick from them would be really credible.

Howard has followed Labor's lead once more and announce that it will be making some sort of donation to asbestos victims from James Hardie's liberal party donations. He said magnanimously:

"It's an unusual situation to return political donations they're hard to get I've got to say but there is an issue of principle involved here."
What principle John? You've been wedgied pal! Once again you've been shown to be morally bankrupt. On the same subject Brown the Bong and Barltett the Bottle went head to head for a pub brawl last night on Lateline.

Just a quick not to the NSW Dept of Transport. Can you get rid of your shitty Murdoch news feed on buses please? A couple of last night's headlines:

Latham will "kill medicare"
Labor airport security lacking
And some good news, She Sells Sanctuary has the same prediction as me for the election, an ALP landslide, and there is help for people addicted to the election.

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