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Thursday, September 02, 2004

She would say that

VM linked to an article in The Age which I've just bothered to read.  Why do the media give so much space to groups such as the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA)?  Isn't it bloody obvious what their agenda is?  They always want people to sell their property and the more inflated the price the better for the oily tick's commission.  And so surprise,surprise we have the following quote from the REIA president Kareena Ballard.

"Indexing the first home owner's grant to median house prices would be a positive move in assisting young people to enter the housing market,"

Doesn't this make someone sit up and think, wait a momento - if the REIA like the first home owner's grant then surely it must be not so good for housing affordability?  Does it bollocks, the REIA get far too much uncritiqued airtime and column inches.  They are treated like impartial property gurus instead of the subhuman price hiking lying scum they represent.  They bullshit, have a stronghold on real estate advertising in local papers and will not stop at anything to get the gavel banged.  No other industry group is treated with as much undeserved respect.

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