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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Third Way - Remember that Latham?

There are many dichotomies in business language.  For example on one hand there are teachings of teamwork, mentoring and coaching.  On the other we see competitiveness, survival of the fittest and cutting the dead wood.  In general society we vote for governments who advocate democracy and freedom, yet on the whole these governments support the free market and large corporations where employees do not elect their boss.  There are many exercises in business training to show that teams function better than individuals and yet communities have broken down, people do not talk to their neighbours and many use the language of "bludgers" and "deadbeats".  The competitive pressures and consumerism in large cities have in many ways reduced people's quality of living.  Social capital, or trust, has broken down as we clamber over each other, rather than offering a helping hand.  Surely there is a middle ground, a third way, where business can work in conjunction with the government and communities to provide benefits for all instead of some.  Do you remember street parties?  Do you remember chatting over the garden fence?  Why not give it a try?  (cue background strains of the national anthem)  Let's get Australia working together.

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