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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tony, I've Soiled Myself

Last night on Lateline, Tony Jones peppered John Howard with blank bullets on the "vote grabbing" topic of foreign debt.  A mere sideshow to the real mishandling of this government.  But on the subject of "the lying rat" incident John Howard repeatedly said, "Tony......I'm not fazed" in such a manner that we must question Howard's pelvic floor muscles' fortitude.  Howard looked more like Turpie in front of the crappy Gold Coast backdrop than a man of steel.  He also spent time begging the people of Wentworth to vote for Turnbull.  In a transverable vote system there is no bloody chance that seat will go to the ALP, so why are people so excited about the prospect of "David v Goliath"?  Anyway, we will see the switch flicked to vaudeville at 10am no doubt.  About the only time I've ever EVER agreed with Andrew "Crimson Jihad" Bolt is when he bagged Peter King on Insiders for stalling and wasting everyone's time.

Elsewhere Tim Dunlop on the spread of patriotesque acts to Australia, VM expands on my economic data, John Quiggin talks sense on interest rates, SCTTW with a quote from Bernie "SandMan" Fraser on ...interest rates, Peter Hartcher from SMH talking about....interest rates, fridaysixpm with a cracker of a speech from Shane Maloney, and a few days ago Piers Akerman talked bollocks.

So as week 1 draws to a close, the main talking point is ..... interest rates.  Christ on a bike.  Back after the King bombshell zzzzzz.

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