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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Topsy-turvy world

In England a group of pro fox hunting protesters invaded the House of Commons.  Previously 10,000 protesters clashed with police in a violent demonstration.  When I left the sunny shores of Blighty many moons ago it was the feral animal liberationists that were the radicals, now it seems that the chinless wonders have taken their cue and gone in for a bit of biffo.  Police would probably have a hard time identifying the perpetrators as their restricted gene pool makes them look kind of the same.  What were they taunting the police with, "I want to kill foxes with a load of dogs you bastards"?  Not that I'm a big fan of foxes, but a nice bit of lead between their eyes seems a bit more efficient than a once in a while 30 dog, 15 horse, 1 dead fox affair.  They say hunting helps the farmers, but the real reason they do it is for the sport, the thrill of the kill.  Why else would they import foxes to Tasmania?  To piss the farmers off, then help them? 

Of course, the bill will be halted again at that great democratic institution The House of Lords (we all know how that bunch of inbred fossils love farmers) before being rammed through the upper house regardless.  So think yourself lucky to live in a country with an elected Senate that can never be bypassed.  Otherwise media cross ownership laws would have been scrapped, various shaft the workers industrial reforms would have been enacted, and we would be well on the way to reducing the Australian migration zone to the wicket at the MCG.  And don't even think of using the "mandate" word.

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