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Monday, September 27, 2004

Vote for God - the saga continues

A very weak interview with Andrea Mason on "Meet the Hacks" on Sunday shed light on bugger all. How about this for a Sir Humphrey answer:
ROSS PEAKE: On a moral issue, a gay couple - is that a family?
ANDREA MASON: Well, Family First is extremely concerned and interested in discrimination, in terms of looking at all areas in the community where there is discrimination. We're of the view that more consideration and debate needs to happen in terms of broadening the areas of discrimination to include those in co-dependant relationships as well.
ROSS PEAKE: So, what's the answer? Is the answer "Yes"?
ANDREA MASON: And that would include people in those relationships. We are saying broaden it. Let's just not focus on one area. If we are going to look at changes to the law, let's look at ways of looking at all of those areas in the community where currently there is not recognition, and that would include people in co-dependant relationships.
What she is really skirting around is that Family First want to give precedence to married couples over de factos (same sex or not). See this document for details.

On the areas of funding and Christian roots she was equally vague. Unfortunately SA does not require donation disclosure so we cannot see who funded the party for the 2002 SA state election. However, let me put one and one together:

Conspiracy Theory 1
I had an interesting mail that pointed out that a Senator continued to fund the DLP just to bugger up the preferences for Labor. Now could it be possible that the following course of action has taken place by the Liberals (whose Greenway candidate is a member of happy clappy Hillsong - led by Brian "By my tape on how to pray - because you can't figure it out yourself" Houston).
To get control of the Senate we must:
   fund a party out of nowhere to stand candidates in marginal seats
   said party will use House of Reps preference deals to secure more "lucrative" deals in the Senate
   said house is full of parties clambering over themselves to do a deal with FF (except the Greens), but said party will not preference Labor
   Bingo, balance of power now held by like minded Christian Right party, not boozy Democrats or doped up to the gills Greens. To use an Andoism, the Liberals must be salivating at the prospect of a hung parliament and doing deals with the FFP.

Now this may seem far fetched, but over the course of the weekend, the news broke that the Liberals had cut a deal with FF , based on "some concessions". What exactly are these concessions? Don't people have a right to know exactly what they are voting for. Yet again, apparently not.

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