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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Vote for Prince William

PM says vote for Turnbull.  As BP often refers to Costello as Prince Charles, then Malcolm Turnbull must be Prince William.  I don't think Labor will win this election, but boy the future is looking good thereafter.  Tim Dunlop has a good article on the strong relationship that Howard and Turnbull have had in the past, and this is sure to come to fruition during the term of the next government.  I imagine the scenario will play out as follows.  Turnbull will challenge Howard, then Costello will throw his hat into the ring after Howard decides not to carry on.  That way Costello can almost keep his promise not to challenge for the leadership.  Neither Turnbull or Costello can win an election (no matter how many wacky Christian gigs Costello attends) leaving the door open to three or four terms of the good guys to fix things up.  Downer will take his ball home after grazing his knee.

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