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Monday, October 25, 2004

ALP Frontbench

So Swan got the nod as Shadow treasurer, oh dear oh my. Smith got some weirdo role including IR which will put him up against the charismatic Kevin Andrews, whom my long dead pet rabbit Fluffy could beat in the referential power stakes. On the good side easy peasy Albanese has been promoted to the Environment and Plibersek is looking after the work, play balance. Crean has been moved to trade which also sounds fair enough as he should have easy wins against Mark Vale. Hopefully this will be enough cake for everyone and the squabbling can stop, that includes you Tanner. Fear not, this infighting will be trumped by the squadrons of malevolence as soon as the "few months" apprenticeships expire for Turnbull and Robb. Maybe one of them will signify the end of rampaging Alex Downer's world tour of abuse, bringing peace to the region. As for the other, maybe a shift of Hill from defence is on the cards. No matter what happens, we won't see Red Kez on the 7:30 Report saying, "And now in our Canberra Studio, longserving backbencher, Malcolm Turnbull/Andrew Robb".

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