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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Bob's Right - That Hurt

That really hurt. Not just like stubbing my toe. Labor were destroyed by an interest rate lie. I shouted at the telly during Howard's acceptance speech. How the hell could this happen? The low points of the night:
1) Howard increased his majority
2) Looks like a coalition + christian nutter majority in the Senate leading to family fun in July 2005:
  • IR laws sailing through
  • Cross media ownership laws going
  • Telstra sell off
Make no mistake, within 3 years Murdoch or Packer will own Fairfax, the ABC will lose even more money. By the time of the 2007 election the only "voices of reason" will be Red Kezza and Tony Jones shouting with a paper megaphone from a bus shelter. Even Anthony Green will have to work out his stats on an abacus. This is such a bad result for the country I cannot put it into words. Good points:

1) Howard will not go anywhere after this win, putting pressure on Costello and Turnbull to topple him.

Thats it, no more. Last night put 2007 in doubt as the coalition have increased their margins in the marginals. It is all so bad. Hopefully blogs will be onto these bastards, watching every move and revealing every lie, I know I will.

I cried, i yelled, and cried again ... how can Australians be so stupid...

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