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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Brief, crap but quick recap of Insiders Special

Good things comes to he who waits, but crap turns up straight away, so here is the Insiders recap:

Good intro:
Children overboard

Paul Kelly biased as fuck Akerman impression

Howard slams Fraser government on financial regulation. Same old negative crap.

Latham slams Hawke economic forum. No killer blow but positive.

Cut to swingers:
Get off my fucking telly

Cut to hacks: Crabbe, Price and Twat
Much coverage of betting odds: Note for ALP pessimists - remember the "smart" money was on a September election.
Twat: Vote for Howard
Crabbe: Bollocks
Price: Vote for Latham
Cassidy: Fancy a pint?

Cut to Talking Pictures:
Pictures of Latham being a lovable bloke, Howard being a knob. Latham looking like a fish, big signs. Bartlett bungie jumping into obscurity. As usual photohacks sit on the fence.

Cut to hacks:
Twat: Latham is a sectarian bastard.
Crabbe: Stuff of no consequence
Price: ALP has a good education policy
Cassidy: Shut up Piers.

Cut to adjournment debate:
Turnbull: Dodgy blue shirt, upstaged by sun reflection in car wing mirror and jogging couple in background
Patch: Plain blue shirt, upstaged by Bondi background
King: Fucking bullshit red shirt and navy blue blazer with Vote King badge, upstaged by suddenly changing his principles. Wanker.

Cut to hacks for final observations and predictions:
Twat: Vote Howard
Crabbe: 5 seats to coalition
Price: Waffle
Cassidy: Fence sitters, watch us on Sunday.

Cut to Lateline for some intelligence.

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