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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Flute Predicts - Update

So far a couple of predictions are coming true (to which I'll add that Saddam will have "an accident" maybe suicide, before he stands trial). As Completely Biased points out, despite losing Larry Anthony's seat there are no signs that Ando is going to stand down. And now to startling news of my prediction on abortion. Tassie Liberal Senator Abetz says he supports the ending of funding for "social convenience" abortions. His definition of "social convenience" includes all circumstances except where the woman's life is in danger. How did this "leader" come to this conclusion? Well he followed the results of a Festival of Light survey. I've seen criticism of Neilsen and Newspoll, but surely the FoL survey of people without opposable thumbs is going to give an ever so slightly FUCKING BIASED RESULT!!! So what other policies can we expect to see from Abetz. Seeing as this lot are into diminishing women's rights, how about: Married women should not be allowed to work!

" Women wanting to be home with their children is a good sign, not only of biology, but of moral disposition. It's a good sign, as well, that more and more women are discovering the lies of feminism: that what really matters are those moments with the family - not reaching the next rung on the corporate ladder."

Anyway you get the picture and I'm tired of reading this supernatural kooky crap. Look at FoL if you really want to. Or call (08) 8223 6383 if you want to make a donation.

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