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Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Flute Predicts....

Despite the strong interest rate crudentials of the Howard Government, the RBA will raise them in November.

The Senate will be renamed Synod, and a collection sack handed round at sittings.

Howard will be leader for the 2007ish election

John Anderson will stay on despite losing Larry Anthony's seat (oh no, what will happen to childcare? He was such a champion)

Draconian "anti-terrorism" laws will be passed during this term

Packer will own Fairfax by 2006

Medicare will become no more than a second rate system for the poor

The household debt problem will become a crisis by 2007.

Telstra will be sold (not that I really give a stuff anymore about that one)

Changes to how a non-profit organisation is defined will target non-Christian and anti-government rather than Christian and pro-government bodies.

A voucher system for education will be on the cards.

ABC funding will be slashed again.

Medicare funding for abortions will be reduced.

Saddam will have an accident or "commit suicide" before standing trail - Added 21/10/04

Some of these predictions are realistic and I hope some turn out to be scaremongering barmy old cack. In short, the means by which people can in a position to question the government will be reduced. With a reduced diversity in media, quieter voice for NGOs, education at a price, a friendly Senate, next time Howard bulldozes democracy (such as when Bush visited last year) - stories will be stifled, no question will be asked, and the elecorate will be in the dark. The Christian-Right influence (already in the coalition, and now coming to a Senate near you) will reduce peoples freedoms, and discriminate in the name of "family values". Working conditions will be reduced even more for people whilst being brainwashed with the message, "You've never had it so good" - (cut to commercial).

Elsewhere: Sheil considers jacking it in (don't be an arse), Lefty Hack Rob Corr is dismayed over the balls up in Victorian ALP Senate preferencing, Psephite ponders the autopilot now proesent in Australian democracy, SCTTW give advice aplenty for the major parties, Slattsnews highlights some gloating prose from the dark side. Thank Christ that the Spin Starts Here still makes me laugh with a totally our of order Idol wrap.

You'll give a stuff about Telstra being sold when the shareholders demand that the telco make more & more profit. Timed local calls at $8.00/second will be introduced.

Of course, you'll always be welcome to use another phone company... which has no option but to buy time on Telstra's infrastructure to resell it to you.

I dunno, it's at the stage now where Telstra needs a bit of reorganisation, and they will be under a lot of competitive pressure from substitution (Wireless WAN). I don't really agree with it being sold, but in comparison to IR reform and cross media ownership it is small fry.

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