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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Gloves off from Latho

I'm just watching Brissenden on the Red Kezza report. At last, Latho has brought up Howards anti Asian stance in the 80s. I know plenty of "new Australians" that like Howard until I point out that he doesn't like "them". Hopefully this message will have an impact in Western Sydney. As I migrant myself I always have a bit of fun on polling day with the anti-immigration party hacks, who despite being "not-racist" will accept my pale pommy arse as an exception. Latho is now being grilled (under a Red lamp if you get my drift) and has just grown and matured during this campaign. Unfortunately the less learned of the population will probably be watching Inside Idol. Just as Bob Ellis said (paraphrasing) "Tony Jones destroyed Howard on Lateline over the children overboard affair, but no one was watching". Elsewhere: Backpages and Completely Biased out optimisticises me with the overseas voting figures. John Q misses John's calls. Look at the blogroll on the left hand side of the page (thats the side nearer the ESC key for the navigationally challenged visitors sent here by Tim Blair) for more blog gold (not blog safety net).

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