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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Howard's End: T -3 days

Howard claims there is a "whiff of the behavioral policemen about my opponent in this election campaign". Well there is a real stench of a desperate divisive prat about someone else in this race. And it will just hang around like the last little bit of dog poo you can't quite get off your shoe after treading on a liberal policy. Once again he trumpeted the "Policies will change, importantly in the area of industrial relations, the clock will be turned back perhaps 20 years." line, while not mentioning he has set back womens standing in the community back, well read a couple of Jane Austen novels and get the picture. Now if he'd have said "Labor will set pop music and fashion back 20 years" I'd be worried as I've lost my piano keyboard leather tie and Flock of Seagulls LPs. But industrial relations back to 1984? So is he seriously saying that after 8 years of a Fraser-Howard government they didn't get that right? Did the Silver Fox managed to screw up IR in one short year?

He also said "I don't hide behind false statements,". No, he hides behind the politicised beaurocracy that he will leave behind either on Saturday or in one year's time.

Meanwhile Latham says he'll reduce paedophilia by increasing jail terms. How about outlawing organisations that harbour these people?

Bugger me, my electorate of Lowe (you all know John Murphy MP don't you? The ALP pollie who writes me letters saying how he has tirelessly asked a couple of questions on notice in the House of Reps.) has been at the centre of a scandal involving a Liberal pamphlet falsely claiming that they have upped bulk billing rates to 100%. I can't wait to get back home tomorrow and use it to clean my shoes, I think I've stepped in something.

I'm still optimistic comrades - ALP by 13.

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