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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I am Flute, and I am an Elitist

Inspired by MPL in a comment on BP, I am proud to announce that I am a leftie elitist. I am a rich, well educated bastard and I know more than you about what makes sense for Australia. Add to that, I've only been in this country 10 years, and I still know more about the economic and political landscape than you, the average schmo who votes, but for some undefinable reason I don't believe that at a human level I am better than you, you are just dumber. I don't fall for scare campaigns, I don't blindly agree with everything that one party says. But you, you are willing to vote for education you can't possibly afford, an IR policy that will reduce you to tears, and healthcare cover that will wipe out a year of your piddly earnings if you have a sniffle. I don't know why I bother caring about the populace when you constantly put your tackles in a blender. I pay more taxes than you and would love to pay more in the cause of universality. I am economically risk averse, hence I won't be fucked over like most highly geared twats. Just face it, I know more than you. And the scary thing is, we are all born the same, yet somehow I have succeeded where you have failed. Why is this? Is it genes? Hell no. Is it environment? Yay brother. So your only chance of you or your kids being as "gifted" as me is to vote for the equalizer, but no, you lot are such dimwits that you can't see its your only chance. You vote for the people who make people like me overlords over people like you. A vote for Howard only makes me stronger.

Link aka beelzebublog said:

I can trump that flute, I'm a poor leftie educated elitest, I care not about money.
Touche, any poor dumb leftie elitist want to take the crown?

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