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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Indi Panopoulos, I've chundered

Sophie P turned my milk sour this morning as she strutted about on the Insiders. This time it was how voters were not mug punters, able to see the labor "mirage" for what is was. Bollocks Sophie, you and your bile have spoilt my rice bubbles, snap crackle and shite is their cry now as they sink into curdled cream.

Panopoulos has pissed me off since she was a representative of the Young Monarchists during the republic referendum and popped up on TV claiming that the proposed model gave more power to the prime minister. (Despite the CURRENT system allowing the PM to pick the G-G, and the other model requiring a 2/3rds majority of parliament.)

At that point I realised she was a dishonest piece of shit and worthy of utter contempt.
I agree that Panopoulos is a nasty piece of work. Not once when I saw her on the media she put forward a reasonable argument, all she does is being spiteful and attacking the person rather than the policy.

Sophie is still trying to win SRC elections for the Liberal Club at uni.
When someone complains about ABC left-wing bias, I refer them to 'The Insiders' and Sally Loane on ABC Sydney Radio (Loane also features Cassidy each day around 9.25am).

Does Murdoch and The Sydney Institute somehow sponsor 'The Insiders'?
Some 'friends of the ABC' types have told me that 'The Insiders' was devised to offset the criticism that the ABC was too 'left-wing' in its current affairs.

Barry Cassidy as an ex-ALP Media Advisor is fairly neutral, but on the special re-enforced couch (I am sure you cannot have Ackerman and Farr on the same couch for Occupational Health reasons) there is basically either neutral (Karen Middleton) or soft right (Henderson and Hywood) or rabid right (Ackerman and Bolt). No friend of the ALP ever. The only time the ALP gets a bit of support is when even the other journalists start laughing at the rants of Ackerman, or Bolt start attacking them.

Personally, the reason I ever watched "The Insiders' was because of that sex goddess of journalism - Annabell Crabb

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