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Monday, October 04, 2004

Howard's End: T -5 days

Since I last ranted a fair bit has happened that has been covered enough elsewhere. The need for an election night booze up has been squashed as it's my nephew's birthday. Hopefully there enough die hards there to sneak off and watch events unfold in one of the spare tellies.

FFP Update

I got an email from a blogger with an extraordinary post. Not only is this guy a Christian, he's a member of the Assemblies of God, and he thinks Family First have got a lot to answer for. Well worth taking a read for an insiders point of view. Last night on the 7:30 report there was a rather weak expose on the connection between FFP and the AOG. With the amount of ammo flying around at the moment, I am surprised no one in the mass media has gone in hard yet. The report left us with the picture that we should almost feel sorry for these minnows. By the way the FFP have refused to give preferences to another rampant lezza. John Lewis (FFP Senate candidate) said:
"People have a right of choice of lifestyle, however we are not going to support these people because we don't agree with that lifestyle"
Not homophobic ay? Well talk about bucketing up an entire persons principles into one box (mixed metaphor week on the Flute) because of one "defining" trait - isn't that what prejudice is all about? Next on the list "No we're not going to make an Asian Minister for Transport because they're shit drivers".

Forestry Report in the Fullness of Time

Straight from the pages of Yes Minister, comes the ALP strategy on the Tasmanian old growth forest. The policy: To commission a report in due course that will make recommendations to a committee to present findings to a review panel to publish a white paper. In other words, yes we will keep the forests, but we are too scared to say that outright. And who could blame them, this issue will probably sacrifice two Tasmanian seats in the hope of getting more on the mainland. Personally I couldn't give a stuff about a few trees. What does matter is the long term viability of logging. The end will come sooner or later, so bringing this date forward and taking the opportunity to retrain employees, as well as leaving a few trees left for the tourism industry can only be a good thing. $800 million is a fair whack to throw at the employment redistribution and should be enough to generate new employment for anyone currently in the industry.

The Polls of Doom

All major polls are pointing towards a Coalition victory. While I still maintain that the ALP will win by a surprise landslide (I'll take 11 seats at this point), and I would love to see Howard concede, the future is still bright. The Liberals will be in disarray after this election (Costello, Abbott, Turnbull and don't forget Howard all vying for the leadership), win or lose. Labor should go from strength to strength under Latham.


Is there an anti-Eden-Monaro seat? One that has consistently picked a lemon for several successive elections? Also, if Eden-Monaro loses its mystical status as the bogan swinger club of Australia, which electorate is next in line?

More Choice in Schooling and misc.

True to the Coalition ethos of providing more choice for education, John Howard has announced the establishment of a new Spy School. I'd be laughing if it wasn't so pathetic. John Howard is that last dribble of milk that justifies putting the bottle back in the fridge only to piss the next person off who wants to make a cuppa. Contrast this bell-end of a policy with the ALP "throw shit loads of spondulicks at higher education". Surely this mogadon administration can't get returned now.

To finish off with a couple of whinges: When I fly, I prefer to fly without "fun" as prescribed by Virgin Blue. When I am stuck at an airport and want to get home as soon as possible I am not in the mood for the wacky and zany antics of ground crew. You are not performing at a comedy club with a paying public. You are being dickheads in a departure lounge, filled with a captive and hostile audience. Then you get on the plane and they come out with the same fucking tired old lines, "anyone caught smoking will be asked to step outside to explain their actions". Just shut the fuck up and let me rest. I fly because I have to, not to listen to you for 2 fucking hours. Whinge 2: I am a big fan of telesales people calling me (particularly when I'm feeding and bathing two kids) because I get the chance to drop a load of excrement on them from a great height. It makes me feel like a better human being. Sometimes I string them along, sometimes I blast them straight away. Now, companies (and political parties of no principles) can't even be arsed to employ a backpacker who's read one too many Anthony Robbins books. Now a fucking machine calls me up. Whoever can ban this tomorrow will get my vote. Give me back my therapy.

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